Committee Work

This page describes the various  roles and committees found at Cornwall Religious Society of Friends. If you have interest in becoming involved please reach out to the clerk of the meeting.



The Clerk conducts all business sessions, sees that the business is properly
presented to the meeting for consideration, and announces decisions when made. The Clerk keeps an accurate set of minutes, properly dated and signed, showing all matters discussed and actions taken. The Clerk carries out the instructions of the meeting and signs necessary documents on its behalf. (F&P 96)

Assistant Clerk:

The Assistant Clerk has such duties as the Clerk shall designate. (F&P 96)


The Treasurer receives and disburses funds. The Treasurer is governed by
such rules as the meeting considers suitable. The Treasurer keeps account books of the meeting and reports regularly to the meeting. (F&P 97)


The Recorder keeps a record of all matters pertaining to membership such as  births, parentage, marriages within or outside the meeting, applications, transfers, deaths, other removals, and up-to-date mailing addresses, and keeps the yearly meeting office promptly informed of them. (F&P 97)



The Advancement Committee is charged with conducting events, both  within and outside the meeting, that advance the impact of the meeting within its community, encourage the participation of the meeting in local affairs, and further the spiritual and social goals of the meeting as a spirit-led community. It has a particular concern for encouraging new visitors and new members to the meeting.

Building and Grounds

The Building and Grounds Committee is charged with the
maintenance in good order of the meeting house, the outbuildings, and the other physical property of the meeting.


The Cemetery Committee has oversight of the Cemetery and sees to the
enforcement of rules and regulations governing interments, the marking of graves, and the keeping of records. (F&P 140)

Events Committee

Events Committee serves as a clearinghouse for people, especially non-Quakers, who wish to use the Cornwall Meetinghouse or property. The committee gathers the specifics of the requests (who, what, where, when, why) to help the Meeting determine if the event has no conflicts with our Quaker beliefs or other scheduled events, who would act as liaison, and what fee or insurance is needed.


The Finance Committee is charged with the care of the Meeting’s money and  property, consistent with the guidelines set forth in Faith and Practice. (See F&P 109 – 110)


The Hospitality Committee is charged with the facilitation of fellowship at  meeting for worship and other gatherings. This may include scheduling volunteers to supply refreshments, supervise child care and serve as greeters.

Ministry and Counsel

The meeting on Ministry and Counsel has particular
responsibility for nurture of the religious life of the meeting. Its purposes are (i) to
exercise general care of meetings for worship and support of the spiritual ministry; and (ii) to provide pastoral care of the membership. (F&P 118)


The Nominating Committee makes nominations throughout the year for individuals who are taking on specific roles, committees, representatives, and trustees as the monthly meeting directs. (F&P 99)

Peace and Social Action

The Peace and Social Action Committee is charged with the
initiation and support of activities that stand in witness to Quaker principles of peace and social justice. (See F&P 51-53)

Religious Education

The Religious Education Committee is charged with the religious education of Friends of all ages, consistent with the guidelines set forth in Faith and Practice. (See F&P 56-57)


The Trustees hold title to the property of the meeting and execute necessary documents on behalf of the meeting. The Trustees have no independent authority or discretion, and act in accordance with the direction of the meeting as inscribed in the minutes. (F&P 98)

Web Committee

The Web Committee maintains the meeting’s presence on the internet (including the substance of its home page) and makes sure that its email and other web-based capabilities are functioning properly.

Other Groups  found at Cornwall Friends

Ad-Hoc Committee on Anti-Racism

The Ad-Hoc Committee on Anti-Racism meets to discuss ways for the meeting to engage in anti-racism work. This Ad-Hoc committee meets virtually. Meeting dates vary based on the availability of committee members.

Committee members have created resources titled “Spiritual Digs” which hold queries, as well as links to articles and videos focused on anti-racism topics. Friends are invited to engage independently or in conversation with other friends using the created materials. Please click on the following Links for access to these resources:

Spiritual Reading Group

This group meets each 2nd Sunday of the month, shifting meeting dates to accommodate holidays or other planned events. Meeting times are 9:15-10:15, offering a break before meeting for worship. This group explores spiritual and inspirational texts of varying types in a worship sharing format. Friends are provided the texts usually a week or more in advance to read before meeting. All are welcome to attend this meeting even if they haven’t read the materials. Some examples of topics previously explored include Pendle Hill Pamphlets, Buddhist Texts, Poetry, Biblical Selections, and more. Any friend is welcome to suggest new readings for future meetings. You can access an archive of our previous reading selections by clicking on the link below.